PM Modi: Taking mantra of unity, nation will move forward?

PM Narendra Modi has been a strong proponent of the idea of unity in diversity. He has always emphasized the importance of understanding our different cultures and celebrating them. He believes that by taking the mantra of unity, the nation will move forward in the right direction and progress prosperously. He has also taken steps to ensure that all citizens are treated with respect and dignity.


Why is India so against alcohol?

India is one of the few countries in the world that has a long-standing history of being against alcohol. This is mainly due to cultural, religious and economic reasons. India's culture has traditionally been against the consumption of alcohol, and the Hindu religion strictly prohibits the use of intoxicants. Moreover, the use of alcohol has been linked to a number of social issues, including domestic violence, health problems, and poverty. Therefore, the Indian government has taken a strong stance against the sale and consumption of alcohol in the country.


What can be used as age proof in India?

Age proof is a document that is used to establish a person's age. In India, there are a number of documents that can be used as age proof, such as birth certificate, passport, PAN card, school leaving certificate, or a matriculation certificate. All of these documents are issued by government bodies and can be used to prove a person's age.

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