BioEnable Launches FBI PIV certified scanner enBioScan-C1 -STQC Certified

Pune (Maharastra), India – BioEnable Technologies announced recently that they are launching a FBI PIV certified scanner enBioScan-C1 -STQC Certified. This special scanner will be the most flexible and user friendly product in the industry as the customers will be benefited for its Ergonomic design and can make changes to the design based on their own requirements.
Pradeep Bhatia, MD of the company announces the superiority of their product and expect that this product will stir the market in the upcoming days. “This is combination of High quality & cost effectiveness, which will revolutionize the single finger scanner market.” he proudly says.
Along with customization feature, this amazing device will also feature extremely high quality image capturing. It is expected that this device will perfectly cater to the needs of the government or semi government projects as it is both customizable and is able to work seamlessly with UIDAI-Aadhaar Authentication server. The manufacturer of the device has made sure that this complies with ISO standards such as ISO 19794, ISO 19792, NIST and ANSI making it completely reliable.  “With World class algorithms & hardware, the scanner outperforms FRR /FAR requirements set by STQC / UIDAI “, announces the MD.
BioEnable Technologies Private Limited is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company that has been revolutionizing the field of advanced electronic Identification, Automation and Tracking Products & Services. a company that is trusted by government agencies as well, BioEnable’s products are considered as the industry standard in India. They have been serving over 50% of the Indian states with their state of the art Fingerprint scanners and have developed a number of Web, cloud, mobile and desktop based embedded solutions for their customers who are not only from India, but also from many parts of the world like Middle East, Europe and Africa.
Since it began operations in 2001, the company has been using cutting edge technologies to manufacture simple yet effective security solutions for its clients around the globe. If you are interested to know more about their product and services, please visit